Fulton Noon Rotary Club Presents 2014 Community Service Award To Helen Hoefer

FULTON, NY – From time to time we  are made aware of people who go above and beyond the function of their job and in doing have a great impact upon their community.

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Helen Hoefer

The forms and means of the service can be as varied as the individuals themselves.

Helen Hoefer meets this criteria in all respects.

We thank you Helen for your stellar example of following the Rotary motto, “Service Above Self.”

Helen has a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Keuka College and has been at Oswego County Catholic Charities for 14 years.

She has been married to Dan Hoefer for 21 years.

They reside in Oswego.

Their daughter, Christie Hoefer, attends Onondaga Community College.

Helen has served her community in so many ways.

Some of these are: As a parent educator, as a supervisor of emergency services, including the food pantry, the thrift shop and the CYO.

She is supervisor of Children’s and Mental Health Programs; past Home and School President of Fitzhugh Park Elementary School, served on the Ladies Home board of directors, volunteered for several United Way Programs, works on the community garden, board member of the Children’s Fund of Oswego County, helped to start the “I’m okay Program,” at Fulton Mills and she makes sure that various homeless people she knows are fed.

We could go on and on with the good works that Helen does in her community, but you get the idea that she is a “helping” individual.

Helen is also a member of the Fulton Noon Rotary Club and always helps with club community projects.

The community thanks Helen for all that she does to help her community.