Fulton Officials Begin The 2016 Budget Process

FULTON, NY – Fulton city clerk/chamberlain Daniel O’Brien headed the first 2016 general budget meeting for the city of Fulton alongside Mayor Ron Woodward Sr. and the rest of the city council Monday, November 9.

The first look into the general numbers shows a proposed budget of 16.3 million dollars, an increase from this year’s 15.7 million dollar budget.

The tax rate would then increase from $19.662 per $1,000 of assessed value to $21.72 per $1,000 of assessed value.

In terms of value, a house worth $100,000 would see a tax increase of $206 based on these numbers.

The council all received copies of the general numbers for wages, revenues and expenditures of the city to further inspect and bring forth any questions or concerns at the next meeting.

“I haven’t gone through and looked at cuts I think we can make yet,” said Mayor Woodward. “Usually I do already, but with my health problems this year I like to get the council involved as quick as possible.”

The council agreed that the next step is to go through all the numbers and information and return in a few days with questions, concerns and suggestions for budget cuts.

“We are not staying at that number, I just wanted to give an idea of the numbers we are at,” said O’Brien.

Although the official budget does not have to be passed until the middle of December, the council has agreed that they do not want to stay at the current numbers and they will hold numerous meetings between now and then to create a better outcome.

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  1. Wow. Another train wreck of a budget plan based solely on raising taxes by 11%. In short, over 2% of a Fulton home’s appraised value is due in taxes annually. In comparison, I pay 0.9% where I live and have 15x the population. No wonder the exodus from Fulton continues.

    Has anyone explained to His Majesty and his budget team that people in Fulton will continue to rent vice owning a home given the fiscal pressure. Furthermore, home owners will continue to let their properties fall into ruin to avoid increased appraisals and higher taxes.

    It’s long past due to consider consolidating services with the county for red herring expenses. Furthermore it’s time for the city to exercise its eminent domain authority to take dilapidated properties. A foreclosed property is worthless and there are plenty of folks who are upside down in Fulton.

    The current leadership and council reps lacks any semblance of leadership. Their fiscal playbook is one play deep (raise taxes). For the proposed tax increase, what are the taxpayers getting in return above current baseline core services? NOTHING.

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