Fulton OKs Plan to End Alleged Conflict in Assessment Reviews

Fulton will no longer allow its Board of Assessment Review to review the assements of board members.

Tuesday, the city approved a deal with the city of Oswego to let each city’s board review assessment appeals from members of the other city’s board. Oswego lawmakers had already approved the agreement.

The State Comptroller’s office, acting on a complaint, found that two members of the Fulton Board of Assessment review had success in getting their assessments reduced that was greater than the average of all taxpayers who received reductions. Board member Holly Carpenter appealed for a reduction on a single property, while board chairman Ron Patrick asked for reductions on 39 properties.

Mayor Ron Woodward said the report did not claim that laws had been broken, but he admitted that it gave the appearance of an improper action. The board members said they did not vote on their own appeals and were not in the room when they were discussed.

The Comptroller’s audit also faulted the board for not keeping written minutes. Woodward said the board kept audio tapes and assumed they were acceptable as minutes.

The Common Council also approved a corrective action plan, required by the Comptroller’s Office.

“This will pretty much satisfy that audit,” said Woodward.

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  1. It doesn’t take a hen to know a rotten egg when you see it. Why are these people allowed to sit in judgement on anyones assessment when it’s clear they are just taking care of themselves?

  2. It doesn’t really matter that the two board members didn’t vote on their own reassessments… they are not going to be denied by their friends and then have to sit with them and work together afterward. What would you do?

    I hope all of Mr. Patrick’s reassessments are going to be re-reviewed by the new system. Seems funny that all 39 properties were way over assessed doesn’t it? Distinct fishy smell here in local politics.

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