Fulton, Oswego Mayors And Other Elected Officials Urge County Residents to Vote.

Elected officials: Get out and vote.

Elected officials: Get out and vote.

At Fulton City Hall recently, a “tri-partisan” group of elected officials got together to encourage local residents to participate in this year’s elections.

Elected officials: Get out and vote.
Elected officials: Get out and vote.

These office holders who are Republicans, Democrats and Conservatives decided to jointly send a message to the public to please “get out and vote” on November 8.

Participating in this public service announcement were Mayor Billy Barlow (R-Oswego), Mayor Ron Woodward ( R-Fulton), Legislator Dan Farfaglia (D-Fulton, Granby, Minetto and Oswego Town), Second Ward Councilor Pat McLaughlin (D-Oswego), Supervisor Ron Greenleaf (C-Hannibal), First Ward Councilor Tom Kenyon (C-Fulton) and Second Ward Councilor David Ritchie (C-Fulton).

“I’m proud to stand with my colleagues in local government to encourage folks to get out and exercise your right to vote this November. You can affect change and make sure your voice is heard by casting your vote and participating in the democratic process,” Mayor Barlow said.

“It doesn’t matter which candidates you are supporting this year, or what political party you are enrolled in, on election day please cast your ballot and make your vote count,” Legislator Farfaglia said.

The last day to register to vote in New York State is October 14.

As long as the registration form is post-marked by that date, and successfully received by the Board of Elections the following week, he/she will be able to vote this November.

Plus, anyone that has changed addresses since the last election, must re-register.

Voter registration forms can be picked up at the Board of Elections and the DMV.

To register or re-register to vote electronically, please go to https://dmv.ny.gov/org/more-info/electronic-voter-registration-application .

If there are residents that are unable to vote at their designated polling place on November 8, they can apply for an absentee ballot and then the ballot will be mailed to whatever address that is provided.

The last day to apply for an absentee ballot by mail is November 1.

The mail in ballot needs to be post-marked November 7 in order for it to count.

To vote by absentee ballot in person, the Board of Elections, located at 185 E. Seneca St. in the city of Oswego, will assist any voter that walks in to vote by this means.

November 7 is the last that option is available.

The Absentee Ballot method is especially helpful for college students, frequent travelers (business or leisure), patients in assisted living facilities, etc.

To download absentee ballot or voter registration forms, go to www.oswegocounty.com/boe/index.html

To see the list of candidates running in Oswego County, please go to www.oswegocountygovernments.com/pages/upcoming_elections.html

For further assistance please call (315) 349-8350 or (315) 349-8351.


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