To all our readers:

We have tried unsuccessfully to obtain Fulton Police Depts. arrest activity logs. We have reached out to the Fulton Chief of Police, Orlo Green, and so far he has not responded.

Prior logs had been made available on the PD’s website, which we can no longer find. www.fultonpd.com does not have information. As soon as this public information is made available to us we will again start posting.

Thank you,
The Management OCT

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  1. Chief Green needs to reply with an explanation. Cops logs were posted for decades in the VALLEY NEWS.

  2. Very odd they stop in january. They need to update the log or get rid of it completely. Its public information that needs to be on the site.

  3. Syracuse pads Helterline $$$$$$$$ to respond. 6 figure retirement. He’s making $111,792 now!

  4. missing in action…kinda like their presence as a deterrent in the city of Fulton. They need a PR Officer and he needs to teach the rest. Not an effective presence. Let the OCSD, NYSP, BP and DEC take over when the city goes broke! 4 major entities and the city is a disgusting, drug filled, gang filled haven that has made the streets and the city parks unusable by peaceful taxpayers and their families.

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