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July 15, 2018

Fulton PD Recognizes Its Exemplary Officers

FULTON – The Fulton Police Department recently acknowledged members for their performance in traffic enforcement, criminal investigations – and most recently, the off-duty actions of Officer David Hall in saving a subject from drowning in Little Sodus Bay.

Life-Saving Effort

From left: Mayor Ronald Woodward, Officer David Hall, Chief Orlo Green and Deputy Chief Craig Westbrook.

From left: Mayor Ronald Woodward, Officer David Hall, Chief Orlo Green and Deputy Chief Craig Westbrook.

On July 4, Officer David Hall was off duty enjoying a day at the beach at Fair Haven State Park with his family.

While passing through the channel that leads from Little Sodus Bay to Lake Ontario on a Jet Ski with his wife, he was flagged down from the pier by a person yelling that someone was drowning.

Officer Hall observed a man in the water, but he did not seem to be in distress.

When he said as much to the observer, they indicated that there was a second person beneath the surface.

At that time Officer Hall looked further observing a body under the water.

With no time to spare, he drove his wife to the pier, dropping her off before returning to the area.

By then some bystanders had found the man and brought his unresponsive body to the surface; he was turning grey in color and was unresponsive.

From atop the jet ski, while holding the unconscious man Officer Hall was able to maneuver to the area of one of the ladders on the pier.

While trying to get the man out of the water, which was very rough, he flipped the Jet Ski upside down.

Finally, he was able to maneuver the unconscious man onto his back in a fireman’s carry and began climbing the ladder while holding him on his back.

After a few ladder rungs, bystanders pulled the man up the rest of the way to the pier’s surface.

After righting and securing the Jet Ski Officer Hall went to the unconscious man; someone had already began CPR.

Officer Hall took over chest compressions and after a short time, the man turned his head and began expelling water, regaining consciousness.

The officer’s efforts and the effort of several bystanders were directly responsible for saving the life of this drowning swimmer.

If not for Officer Hall’s decisive action, this man would likely not be here today.

For his quick response and life-saving efforts that helped to turn what would have certainly been a tragedy into a happy ending, we are proud to present Officer David Hall with the Lifesaving Award, Chief Orlo Green said.

Solid Police Work Solves Several Cases

From left: Investigator Christopher Jones and Sgt. Brandon Lanning.

From left: Investigator Christopher Jones and Sgt. Brandon Lanning.

On November 15, 2017, Fulton Police officers discovered significant criminal mischief to the Holy Trinity Church and grounds.

While the Modus Operandi matched that of a suspect in several other cases, there was nothing to connect him to this criminal mischief.

Investigator Christopher Jones along with Sergeant Brandon Lanning conducted several interviews and followed up on multiple leads, which eventually lead to the confession and apprehension of suspects Cory Scoville and Shawn Checksfield.

This by itself was exceptional work, but through their investigation they were also able to close an unrelated burglary involving a second property as well as several misdemeanors.

On behalf of myself and the city of Fulton thank you for your outstanding work, which helps to set the standard for all members of the Fulton Police Department, Chief Orlo Green said.

Traffic Safety Is A Priority

The city of Fulton Police Department believes that traffic safety is a priority.

Sergeant Lucas Hollenbeck with officers Jacob Chernesky and Thomas Pappa.

Sergeant Lucas Hollenbeck with officers Jacob Chernesky and Thomas Pappa.

With the assistance of grants funded by the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, the city of Fulton Police Department participates in the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program or “STEP.”

This program specifically targets violations that are known to contribute to accidents in our community.

Each year we recognize the top enforcement officers from the department.

Leading the department for 2017 was Officer Thomas Pappa, followed by Officer Jacob Chernesky and Sergeant Lucas Hollenbeck.

For their contributions to the safety of the motoring public here in the city of Fulton they are presented with a Mayoral Commendation, Chief Orlo Green said.

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