Fulton Planning to Ban Outdoor Use of Indoor Appliances

Fulton city lawmakers took another step towards cleaning up the porches and yards of the city.

The Common Council set June 15 for public hearings on two proposed changes to the City Charter. One would ban appliances from public view while the other would make sure that lots where a building has been demolished are cleaned up.

A few years back, the city banned the use of indoor furniture outdoors. They found a small but significant incidence of people using old couches and armchairs as porch or backyard furniture.

“You can’t put indoor furniture outdoors,” said Mayor Ron Woodward. “But then we noticed that some people put indoor appliances outdoors.”

So the new language in the Charter will ban “the use or storage of any appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, washers and dryers…as well as the use or storage of any upholstered furniture, including mattress (sic)” on any yard, open porch, deck or roof if the furniture or appliance can be seen from any public space.

The second change will make sure that owners of commercial properties leave their land in a proper condition. When buildings are demolished, said Woodward, “it’s required that (the land) is graded and seeded in residential areas. We’re looking at letting them use remill (ground up blacktop removed from roads and parking lots) or blacktop” on commercial properties where a building has been removed.