Fulton Police Arrest Man For DWI, Arrest Friend Who Came To Try To Bail Him Out For DWI

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File this one under: good idea, bad timing.

Fulton Police say they arrested Dustin R. Amos, 24, of Rowlee Rd., Fulton on  aggravated DWI and several other charges at about 4:00 a.m.

Police say Richard A. Miller, 26, of Honey Hill Rd., Fulton was a passenger in Amos’s car, and came to the police station an hour later to try to bail Amos out.  Police refused the attempt.  They thought Miller was intoxicated as well, according to Deputy Chief Tom Abelgore.

Because of those suspicions, officers followed Miller out of the station and stopped him as he tried to drive off.

They allege that field tests showed Miller was intoxicated.

He, like his friend, was charged with aggravated DWI and other counts.

Police say both men were bailed out to “responsible, sober parties”.