Fulton Police Begin Carrying Tasers

Submitted by the Fulton Police Department

The City of Fulton Police Department announced that several of its officers will now be armed with TASERs.

With funding provided by the federal Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant, the City of Fulton Police Department recently purchased 7 new TASERs, which hit the streets last week.

Having recently completed department training, a limited number of Fulton police officers will begin carrying the devices while on patrol.

TASERs are non-lethal weapons that, when deployed, transmit electrical pulses, causing involuntary muscle contraction in order to incapacitate a violent or combative subject.  The addition of this tool gives officers of the City of Fulton Police Department one more option when facing potentially dangerous situations that may require them to use force.

As always, the City of Fulton Police Department’s highest priority is the safety of the community as well as its officers.  The addition of the TASERs will help Fulton PD further its goal of overall public safety as well as decreasing the risk of officer injuries.