Fulton Police Department to Participate in Buckle Up New York

FULTON, NY – For two weeks, starting on May 20, the Fulton Police Department, along with law enforcement agencies across the state, will participate in the 2013 Buckle Up New York, Click it or Ticket May mobilization.

The goal of this program is to increase seatbelt use and as a result reduce the number of personal injury and fatal crashes.

Although New York is among the leaders in the country in seatbelt use compliance, there is still room for improvement.

In 2010, 8,584 motorists in New York State who were not wearing a seatbelt during a crash were treated at a hospital for their injuries.

Among motorists who were involved in a crash, those who were unrestrained were eight times more likely to require hospitalization than those who buckled up.

Unrestrained motorists involved in a crash are almost four times as likely to suffer a traumatic brain injury compared to those wearing a seatbelt.

Although year-round seatbelt enforcement is always a priority, this mobilization is used to raise public awareness about the importance of seatbelt use.