Fulton Police, Dunkin Donuts Team Up for the Community, Supply Comfort Bags

FULTON – Fulton area Dunkin Donuts owner Roy Clark and the Fulton Police Department are teaming up to provide comfort bags to kids on-the-scene of crisis situations in the city.

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Roy Clark and Chief Orlo Green.

The sling-type bags contain a small stuffed animal, a safety rules coloring book with crayons and a small package of tissues.

Fulton Police Chief Orlo Green said, “Incidents such as car accidents, domestic disputes, and other sensitive investigations can be very traumatizing for children that are present or involved.  It’s the hope that these comfort bags can help make these difficult situations a little bit easier to deal with.”

Clark of Dunkin Donuts and his partner, Ed Wolak of the Wolak Group, presented 50 comfort bags to Fulton PD to be carried in the department’s patrol cars for distribution when needed.

The bags were immediately put out into Fulton’s fleet of police cars.

“This is a great program for the children of the community and the Fulton Police Department is very grateful to Mr. Clark for including Fulton PD,” Chief Green added.