Fulton Police, Dunkin Partner To Aid Children

FULTON, NY – The Fulton Police Department has recently partnered with Dunkin Donuts owner Roy Clark in distributing special comfort bags for children caught in traumatizing situations.

The situations could be anything from personal injury car accidents, domestic disputes to sex abuses and more, according to Thomas Abelgore, Deputy Chief of Police.

The intent is to help them cope with what is going on and let them know that we (the police) care about them, he explained.

Clark has offered 50 of these bags to be distributed where/when the department feels they are needed.

It’s a sling bag containing a small stuffed animal, a safety rules coloring book with crayons and a small package of tissues.

Clark has generously donated the bags.

“We plan on putting them in our patrol car equipment kits to use at scenes immediately,” the deputy chief said.