Fulton Police Remind Motorists That It Is Back To School Time

FULTON, NY – It is “Back to School” time and the Fulton Police Department wants to remind motorists that school buses will be back on the roads and students will be walking along the side of roads and waiting for buses.

Please watch carefully for children near school buildings, in areas where school buses are traveling or where there are signs for school zones or bus stops.

Remember that if you are approaching a school bus from either the front or behind and its yellow lights are flashing, the bus is preparing to stop.

If the bus’s red lights are flashing you must stop, it is the law.

This includes when school buses are on the opposite sides of divided highways, on multiple lane roadways like State Route 481 and sections of State Route 3 in Fulton, in parking lots and on school grounds.

Motorists are asked to drive cautiously and allow themselves plenty of time to get to their destinations especially at times children will be getting on or off school buses.

Fulton Police will be strictly enforcing speed limits and passed school bus violations in and around school areas and where children are being picked up and dropped off.

Traffic safety and the safety of children are always a priority for police everywhere especially at this time of the year.