Fulton Police Warn Against Putting Snow In Roadways

FULTON, NY – The Fulton Police Department wants to remind people NOT to deposit snow/ice in the streets.

With the poor weather and daily snow accumulations over the past month, many residents are running out of places to put the snow.

There have been reports of snow being plowed, blown and shoveled into the street.

Placing snow/ice in the roadway creates a hazardous condition for vehicular traffic, which are forced to drive into or around the obstacle.

Further, Fulton City Code Section 147-11 prohibits depositing substances, including snow, which might tend to make the surface of the road unsafe for vehicular traffic.

Section 147-11 Unsafe Substances

No person shall scatter, deposit, place, push or leave on any street of this city any thing or substance which might tend to make the surface of the street unsafe for vehicular traffic or which might cause damage to other city property; said thing or substance can include, but is not limited to, mud, debris, snow or ice. If any such mud, debris, snow, ice, thing or substance shall be scattered, deposited, placed or left in any street of this city, it shall be the duty of the driver and/or owner of the vehicle or any other person depositing, scattering, placing, pushing or leaving such mud, debris, snow, ice, thing or substance to forthwith completely remove the same from the street or pavement.

 B. — Facilitating unsafe substances.

No person or entity shall establish, maintain or carry on, upon or near a city street or other route of public travel, either on the land or water, any business, trade or manufacture which facilitates a violation of § 147-11A of this chapter.


  1. Is there a plan to help out with some of the snow removal? In past years the City has come around and loaded some of the snow onto a truck and taken it away. We are running our of places to put it. Because we are on a corner and our driveway is the 1st open spot, everytime the plow goes by all the snow gets dumped right there. Any help from the City would be greatly appreciated!

  2. West First Street North snow banks are in dire need of being removed / reduced. Can’t see either way, North/ South, while entering / exiting our driveway. Traffic is constantly flowing and at a rapid speed. Four attempts this past week have almost caused my self/ motorist many accidents. From the corner of Hannibal Street heading all the way to Fulton Ave. The right side heading North is very dangerous. The past few years, Fulton used a machine that edged off the banks so you could get a clear view to make sure NO other vehicles were in our path to come in / leave our residence …. It’s a very dangerous situation/ scenario .

  3. The city did come through and cut down the banks but there was no truck to haul it off. so the city just filled up the sidewalks, filled up people’s yards and lastly left big piles right in the street. We’d have been better off if they hadn’t done anything. My experience is that the city really doesn’t care what kind of problems the citizens are left with. Once the plows go through, it’s someone else’s problem.

  4. might help if the DPW of the city of fulton would nt put the snow thats on the side of the street and sidewalk in to our front yards and in our driveways ! if you didn’t put it on our front yards and driveways , we would nt have to put it back on the sidewalks ( our blowers only go so high) the more you pile it on our yards and driveways the higher the snow banks get .. !!!!!

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