Fulton Pop Warner Pee Wee Raiders Roll To State Championship

Fulton Pop Warner Pee Wee Raiders - State Championship

Fulton Pop Warner Pee Wee Raiders - State Championship

FULTON, NY – Fulton Pop Warner’s Pee Wee football team rolled past the Southwest Colts (Rochester) Saturday at Union College, 34-12.

Fulton Pop Warner Pee Wee Raiders - State Championship
Fulton Pop Warner Pee Wee Raiders – State Championship

Fulton (10-2) wasted no time showing they were the dominant team after taking the opening kickoff and putting together an 11-play drive capped by an eight-yard touchdown run by Ryan Gugula.

The point after kick was blocked putting the Raiders in front 6-0.

The Colts almost broke the pursuing kickoff; if it was not for a touchdown-saving tackle by Cuinn Burlingham.

The Fulton defense then went to work stopping the Colts on their first drive at mid-field.

“The defense was good all year, but today they were great, we had a good game plan and the kids executed it to perfection,” said Coach Dan Murray.

The Raiders wasted no time getting on the board again when Jacob Ely went around left end for 43 yards; diving into the corner of the end zone as Colts defenders emerged,  ignited the Large Fulton crowd that made the two and a half-hour trip down the Thruway.

The Raiders ran the point after in with Ely, bringing the score to 13-0.

“We knew it was important to get off to a fast start and execute early. The boys could not have done a better job setting the tempo and gaining momentum early,” said Coach Chuck Burlingham.

The Colts would start their second possession on their 45 after the kickoff went out of bounds.

On their second possession they went to the passing game.

The first three attempts found no receivers open for the Colts’ quarterback forcing him to run for short gains.

When he finally attempted to get a throw down field, it was intercepted by Fulton’s cornerback Jaden Lee and ran back just inside the Colts’ territory.

The Raiders’ third drive ended with a beautiful hookup between Sam May and Andru Walts for a 28-yard touchdown.

May threw a pinpoint pass just over the outstretched fingers of the Colts’ cornerback where Walts hauled it in and ran untouched for the TD.

The point after kick by Walts was good bringing the score to 21-0 early in the second quarter.

The Colts stayed with the passing game on their next possession.

After Cyrus Trude sacked the quarterback, the Colts went up top down the right sideline where Sam Cotton jumped the receiver’s route and intercepted the pass running it down to the Colts’ 28 yard line.

This interception resulted in another Raider score when Ely took it in from 11 yards out.

Ely then ran in the extra point bringing the score to 28 – 0 at the half.

The second half went by quickly as National Pop Warner’s rules require the clock to continuously run when one team is 28 points ahead.

The Raiders ate up most of the clock with an eight-play drive that featured the big boys running up the middle.

Burlingham and Walts took turns pounding the ball up the middle as the offensive line drove the defense off the ball.

The drive ended with Walts carrying it in from the eight to push the score to 34 – 0.

The Colts returned the kickoff back for their first score and then added a late one with an 18-yard pass up the left sideline with just seconds left in the game making the final score 34 – 12.

The members of the 2014 Pee Wee Empire State Champions are:
#7 Michael Ditton, #9 Andru Walts, #10 Cuinn Burlingham, #17 Sam Cotton, #30 Jacob Ely, #33 Ryan Gugula, #42 Jaden Lee, #44 Ian Bogardus, #50 Joey Benavidez, #52 Austin Bowering, #58 Cyrus Trude, #60 Brandon Burch, #62 Tyler Emeterio, #75 Konar Witkowski, #77 Noah Horning, #78 Ben Demars, #84 Dominic Greenwood, #95 Ethan Weller and #99 Sam May.

The team’s coaching staff: Chuck Burlingham, Mike Gugula and Dan Murray.