Fulton Prepares to Take Over Dog Licensing

Fulton city government is preparing to take over the task of issuing dog licenses.

The state is shutting down its central registry of dogs at the end of this year, one of many changes brought on by budget cuts.

The registry is going away, but the need to register dogs has not gone away.

State lawmakers passed the job on to local governments, though they did not include money to help local governments take on the task.

Fulton Mayor Ron Woodward said the county chose not to take the responsibility, which then passed the job to town, village and city governments.

City lawmakers approved holding a public hearing soon to approve the new laws needed to handle dog licensing as a city function.

“If we don’t have (rules) in place by January 1, we can’t issue dog licenses,” said Woodward. “We haven’t got a lot of time to get it done before the end of the year.”

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