Fulton Proposes Moratorium on Used Car Lots

FULTON, NY – The Fulton Common Council will hold a public hearing on July 10 to amend a chapter of City Code under “Zoning.”

The public hearing will garner community input regarding city official’s proposal to enforce a temporary moratorium on used car sale lots.

If passed, the moratorium would prevent any new businesses entering the city for the purpose of opening a used car lot for a period of one year.

“On the (State Route) 481 corridor, the Nestle site is down now, the (former) Laqua’s site is down now, so I’m asking the council to put a moratorium on used car lots for one year, I don’t want any more of them,” Mayor Ronald Woodward Sr. said. “I really don’t think the gateway to the city should be filled with used cars.”

The resolution stated, “It has been determined that used car lots may have an adverse impact on existing commercial and residential districts due to the increased density and oversaturation … it has been determined that a moratorium be established on all new and newly created used car lots and said moratorium not to exceed one year would be in the best interest in general welfare of the City of Fulton.”

The public hearing will take place after the public comment section beginning at 7 p.m. during the Common Council’s next regular meeting on July 11 at the Fulton Municipal Building located at 141 S. First St.


  1. With the high taxes Fulton has combined with loss of significant manufacturing industry leaving this is all you’re going to get in Fulton.

  2. That is not going to help in any way. Next will be gas stations, fast food restaurants, Dollar stores, and grocery stores. TURN OUT THE LIGHTS WHEN YOU LEAVE.

  3. The way to improve the city is to stop people from opening a business? … Sounds like the lame old errr same old administration in power …

  4. These replies all sound like good comments that make perfect sense. Is a used car dealership actually any more of an eyesore than a parking lot full of used cars at a Walmart? Not as I see it. Are they compeating against new car dealerships? Not very much. Are they more undesirable than perhaps a pawn shop, or tattoo shop? You decide.
    And why only for just one year, if “increased density and oversaturation” is the reason? Is that somehow going to be different after a year? Wouldn’t they have to just do the same thing again next year? Something seems fishy here.

  5. How is this legal Mayor? Could you impose a law that says no more law offices are to open in Fulton for 1 year? What you propose is not legal, in my opinion.

  6. What you people may not know about Fulton’s attitude back in the mid 1920s is that Fulton, like know, blocked Ford Motor Co. from coming into Fulton. Smart huh. This city would have grown and spurned off other business to support Ford. Although that may have faded away, now look at what we have. Fulton is too conservative, never took an educated chance and never will.

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