Fulton Public Library Will Be Hosting Professor Green Pockets

Submitted article

Everybody’s buzzing about “Professor GreenPockets’ Performing Bug Show” coming to Fulton this summer.

Central New York magician Ron Cain will bring his new show to Fulton Public Library at 2 p.m. on Saturday, July 19. The entertainment highlights the 2008 New York State Summer Reading Program theme, “Catch the Reading Bug.”

Cain appears as Professor Green Pockets, the good-natured dean of green and master of eco-magic. Throughout the 45-minute show, he uses humor and magic to promote reading.

Children in the audience help him perform tricks with a spelling bee, flea circus, bookworm, counting ladybug, and caterpillar-turned-butterfly. Of course, they also hope to catch the reading bug before the show’s exciting finale.

This is the 11th year Cain has presented educational magic shows at libraries and schools throughout New York State. Other programs include “The Magic of Being Green,” “A Treasure Trove of Magic,” “Tune in to Magical Idol,” “Uncle Sam’s Old Time Magic Show,” “Ron Cain’s Magical Museum Show,” “The Magic of America,” “Captain HurriCain’s Seaside Magic Show,” “The Science of Magic Show,” and “The Case of the Missing Bunny.”

A Houston native and Camillus resident, Cain has been a professional magician since 1988. He has performed at schools, libraries, company picnics, birthday parties, club fund-raisers and special events as the Wizard of Wands, Mr. Millennium, Mr. Magic, Professor Arcane, Captain HurriCain, Tex the Cowboy Magician, Professor GreenPockets, and Yo-Yo the Clown. Television appearances include “Pappyland,” broadcast nationally on the Learning Channel, and “Saturday Showboat,” a children’s program produced by NBC’s Syracuse affiliate.

In addition, children can learn more about magic on The CAIN Company’s Web site, www.magicalsite.com. The site features tricks readers can do at home, reviews of movies and television shows, a calendar of Cain’s upcoming appearances, and a virtual Magic & Mystery Shop.
Please join us for some magic and fun.  For more information, please call the Library at 592-5159.