Fulton Republican Committee Chairman No Longer Supports Katko

To The Editor:
Dear 24th Congressional District Voters, Republican Committeemen, Committee Chairmen and John Katko.

My name is Marc Holliday (formerly known as Mark Aldasch).

I am the chairman of the City of Fulton Republican Committee.

Last year, the Fulton Republican Committee was the first and only committee to independently endorse John Katko for congress.

Well before the four-county meeting to decide which candidate the party would pick to run against Dan Maffei.

This was the first time in CNY that anything like this had been done by the party which, I had very open misgivings about.

Fulton’s public endorsement helped sway the vote in Katko’s favor which was very close between Katko and John Lemondes.

Fulton along with the rest of the Republican Committees of the 24th Congressional district had high hopes for Katko to beat Maffei and John did.

It has now been almost three months since John took his seat in congress to represent the 24th Congressional District.

I like many are disgusted and appalled by how John has voted and held himself in congress so far.

John has completely abandoned his base and has ignored the voice of the people who put him where he is.

The people of the 24th district voted Maffei out because of his liberal voting and now we have John who has consistently voted with the Democrats.

John is voting the same as Maffei would have. If the 24th District wanted a Liberal to represent us we would have reelected Maffei.

John is a Republican or did he forget that?

Yet, he sat with the Democrats during the State of the Union, he voted to keep John Boehner as speaker of the house, he voted to keep Obama Care, he voted to keep illegals here and voted yes to a whole list of other liberal agendas.

John has broken his word that he gave to the people and committees.

I have spoken with several members of different committees in the 24th District; many of whom are extremely upset and feel betrayed by John’s actions in congress.

So I made it a point to go speak with John directly at his public session in Oswego.

After the public session I had a very brief discussion with John to inform him that he is losing his support and his base because he keeps voting for the liberal agenda.

I was very straight forward and matter of fact with my points of concern.

I stated that if he continued voting as a liberal he would be a one-term and done congressman.


John is abandoning the very Republicans and Conservatives of the district who worked hard to ensure he won election.

Further without the support of those who put him where he is he won’t make it another term.

To which he replied, he isn’t going anywhere.

Before I could remind him of Anne Buerkle thinking the same thing, he cut me off and said he got the message.

John’s response to my questioning his voting record and allegiance to the Republican Party was classic liberal deflect and blame.

John actually blamed Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Laura for his constituents and party being upset with him.

I was floored at what I heard come out of his mouth.

John when last I checked Rush Limbaugh and Dr Laura don’t vote in Congress but you do, John!

What happened to personal responsibility, Congressman?

Congressman Katko, make no mistake you have lost the support of the Fulton Committee as well as other committees in this district.

I am not at liberty to say who they are publicly because it is up to them to decide if they wish to voice their displeasure publicly or not.

I am not bashful; our committee stood alone and endorsed him publicly so we have no problem standing alone publicly to call him out on his betrayal to both constituents and party alike.

Privately we are not alone and John knows this.

If you want to win back the support of your party and people, John, then you need to stand with them.

Otherwise you can be tossed in the political trash bin with Obama in 2016.

You are not unbeatable congressman and without the support of your party you will learn that lesson if you continue voting like Maffei.

At this point, the Republican Party and the voters of the 24th District need to start looking at other candidates who will best represent the party’s interest in 2016 since Katko prefers to act as a Democrat.

Look at the map, John, the Democrats lost nationally and the Republicans won!

So why do you keep voting with the losers.

Be a leader and do what the constituents put you there to do, to stop the liberal agenda and Obama.

Marc Holliday
City of Fulton Republican Committee


  1. Did this man graduate high school? This reads like comments on a forum or news article, not like a statement drafted for publication.

  2. “John has completely abandoned his base and has ignored the voice of the people who put him where he is.”
    Marc, your vote for Katko was worth the same as MY vote and he is representing me BEAUTIFULLY. He is Not ignoring my voice. Is so refreshing to have a leader who leads for the good of all.
    Marc, you cannot influence others by taking extreme views. Tone it down. Get along with others. Find the middle ground

  3. Please do not speak of the Republicans support for the City of Fulton. As you are aware, you are not well represented in the area. Therefore you should not speak on behalf of the Republicans in the area. I think Mr. Katko has done a wonderful job thus far, and has shown his support in many issues that will help this area.

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