Fulton Republican Committee Endorses Buerkle

The City of Fulton Republican Committee unanimously endorsed Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle for Congress in the newly formed 24th District.

Fulton Republican Committee Endorses Buerkle
Fulton Republican Committee Endorses Buerkle

Pictured are Fulton Mayor Ron Woodward; County Treasurer John Kruk; Fulton Republican Chair Jim Myers; Congresswoman Buerkle; Curt Griswold; County Legislator Louella LeClair.

In back are: Jonathan Weldin; Dave Hawthorne; Volney Republican Chair Garry Stanard; Surrogate Court Candidate Hon. Spencer Ludington; Dana Smith; Dave Fontecchio; and  Doug Chapman.

Chairman Myers said, “We were very pleased to have Congresswoman Buerkle attend our meeting and present her views on the economy and how she will continue fighting for the values we as Republicans hold dear. The vote was unanimous. The committee will work hard to support Congresswoman Buerkle’s campaign.”

Last month the City of Fulton Republican Committee unamiously endorsed Wendy Long for United States Senate.

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  1. Ann Marie Buerkle is still the Congressperson for three towns in Monroe County. She kept her promises-faught the huge deficits, held town meetings and served with conscience and integrity.

    The Fulton Committe made a brilliant choice.You are all important in defending our Constitution and Bill of Rightsin this fall’s most critical election.

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