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October 22, 2018

Fulton Rotarians Hear About FBLA

The Fulton Noon Rotary Club’s recent program was about the Fulton High School’s FBLA.

Rotarian Don Ross introduced Angela Ferlito and Danielle House, directors of the Fulton High School’s FBLA (Future Business Leader’s of America Club).

From left are Ferlito, Johnson, McCann, Holbrook, House, Ross

From left are Ferlito, Johnson, McCann, Holbrook, House, Ross

Club members and student leaders include David Johnson (President), Kassy McCann and Karri Holbrook, club officers and members.

Angela explained the purpose of the Club is to expose its members to what it takes to be leader of a business.

Also to teach the students how to present themselves to a business when seeking employment and what it takes to run a business.

They also do community service events, which gives them, experience that will serve them well when they are in the business world.

The club also conducts fundraisers so that they can send selected members to state and national conventions.

There is also a FBLA club in the junior high school.

The Rotarians discovered that the goals and objective of the FBLA are very similar to those of Rotary International.

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