Fulton Rotarians Learn About ENABLE

FULTON, NY – Fulton Rotarian, Nancy Kush Ellis presented Carol Tyler of ENABLE, at a recent meeting of the Fulton Noon Rotary Club.

ENABLE is an individualized service for children and adults with disabilities.

Carol Tyler and Nancy Kush Ellis, right.
Carol Tyler and Nancy Kush Ellis, right.

ENABLE began in 1948 to serve the citizens of all ages in the County of Oswego.

Their services work though schools and agencies as well as individuals. They provide a range of services from traditional occupational therapy to a lending library with a means of allowing disabled people to try interactive devices.

They are also an evaluative and connective agency for many resources available to persons with disabilities.

Carol specifically spoke about two programs, which were especially important: the Home Service program and Project Adapt.

Home Service seeks to connect suddenly disabled rural folk with resources. These people are not exposed to a system of support because their need came unexpectedly.

Project Adapt involves evaluation and a lending library for anything from wheelchairs to hi tech interactive adaptive devices.

In the lending library is everything from Curious Steve in a box, to a device that can be connected to computers for programming to aid in speech.

This informative program produces a quarterly electronic newsletter.

ENABLE can be contacted at www.enablecny.org