Fulton Sales Tax Discussion

One of the more unique elements of our government, whether federal, state or local is that we have the freedoms to ask questions. In those questions elected officials will often find that this process often times gives everyone a breathing moment that will cause them to pause and take another look at polices being considered and policies that are already in place.

Recently, the question of the sales tax agreement between the city of Fulton and the county of Oswego was questioned in a committee.

It started as a question and has blown up into this movement to re-arrange or cancel this agreement.

I cannot begin to explain how this discussion went from questions to the misrepresentation of now the County Legislative body is going to revoke the sales tax agreement with the city of Fulton.

That would have a disastrous effect on the city of Fulton and the efforts the city is making to re-structure towards better financial footing.

The issue in this conversation is that the county shares the sales tax intake with the towns also.

With one exception….Fulton has the agreement in writing and this was approved by the legislative body some time ago.

The details how the agreement come about had a lot to do with the shaping of the agreement itself, yet in the bigger picture it still comes down to a signed document and passed by the county legislators at that time.

So having said that, I wish to make two points of which I am very clear on where I stand.

One is I will defend as long as I am able the right to question government, be that from a citizen living in my district or anyone’s district and/or another elected official. It is built into the fabric of who I am.

I listen to the legislative reps regardless of party affiliation and to others that wish to question the processes of how government works. Questioning policies, procedures, rules and law is the basis of who we are as a nation. (History note: that is how we formed our government).

The second thing I will defend is agreements that were put in place for the betterment of the people and those said agreements work today. (Such as the sales tax agreement with the city of Fulton).

In spite of the fact that there is NO resolution to change this agreement and it was just a “discussion” I am very clear in that I would not support in dismantling of what is in place and appears to work.

Should the city of Fulton approach the County of Oswego to seek any form of change I will consider the city’s request.

I ask that people take a deep breath here and not allow a discussion turn into pending action as again there has not been a formal move, to move this any other place than a discussion having taken place in committee.

Should it do so, it will not garner my support.

Thank you

James Karasek
County Legislator Fulton/Granby