Fulton Salvation Army Faces Tough Kettle Season

Submitted by the Salvation Army


With the kettle campaign barely under way, the Fulton Salvation Army is already experiencing a dramatic drop in kettle income.

Captain Kevin Brennan, director of the Salvation Army of Fulton, says the drop of $2000 in income compared to last year at this time could have several causes. “Our kettle locations have dropped. One store closed, and at some, we have a reduced number of bellringing days,” said the captain. “Presently, there are five kettle sites compared to fourteen last year. That number will increase somewhat after Thanksgiving.”

In addition, the captain believes that the tough economy may have affected the level of giving.

“We want to let the community know that we need their help so that we can continue to serve those in crisis and emergency situations,” said the captain.

“Please dig a little deeper into your pockets when you see a kettle, or send your tax-deductible gift right to The Salvation Army of Fulton, 62 S. First St., Fulton, NY13069-0098.”

For those who would rather give on-line, they can go to onlineredkettle.org. “Here, you can either make your personal tax-deductible gift or you can start your own on-line kettle site and ring the bells virtually by contacting friends and associates and asking them to give to your kettle,” said the captain.

Money from the traditional or the on-line kettle site goes to assist families and individuals in the Fulton area.

“Thank you to all our volunteers, donors and businesses who are partnering with us to ensure that everyone in the community who needs help, receives help,” added the captain.