Fulton School Board Candidates Announced

FULTON, NY – Ballot position for the candidates running for Fulton City School District Board of Education and the proposed elected trustees after the Fulton Public Library restructuring were drawn and announced Thursday morning at the education center.

Voters will cast ballots to fill four seats on the board of education and have the opportunity for the first time to vote on the city library board members, as long as the measure to accept the library as a school district library passes voters’ approval.

Elected in 2011, School Board President David Cordone and Clerk Barbara Hubbard are each seeking re-election.

Member Fred Cavalier decided he would not seek another term with the BOE, but remains active in the community.

Member Rosemary Occhino-Pilawa resigned last month making her seat available for the remainder of the term.

The BOE candidates announced Thursday are:
Barbara Hubbard
Timothy Crandell
David Cordone
Pamela Parker
Robert Briggs.

The top three vote-getters will be seated for a three-year term from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2017.

The fourth highest will fulfill the remainder of Occhino-Pilawa’s term which expires in June 2015.

Also on the May 20 ballot the first library proposition would permanently establish the city public library as a school district public library, and shift its entire proposed annual operating cost to taxpayers throughout the school district in order to relieve its dependence on the city of Fulton funding.

Within that proposition voters would cast their ballots to either support the 2014-2015 proposed $350,000 budget and thereby the library, or not.

The second proposition defines switching from a city-government appointed board of trustees to a taxpayer-elected board and electing seven members to the board.

Currently the members of the library board are appointed and confirmed by the Common Council and include President Marian Stanton, Vice President Tom Brown, Secretary LaVerne DeLand, and Treasurer Robert Vayner.

Vying for the seven news seats in the order they will appear on the ballot are:
Kelly Nickerson
Thomas Brown
Nicole Baldwin
Carolyn Mosier
Robert Vayner
Patricia Kush
Ellen Himes
LaVerne DeLand
Dennis Casey

In addition to the BOE and library board, school district voters will be asked to cast their ballot on the proposed school district budget.