Fulton School Budget Gets Public Hearing Tonight

The Fulton City School District’s proposed budget for 2010-11 is the subject of a public hearing tonight.

The hearing takes place at 7:00 p.m. at Fairgrieve Elementary School.

The proposed budget spends $60.8 million.  That’s up 4% from the 2009-10 budget.  However, $2 million of the $2.3 million increase in spending is on the district’s current construction projects, and all of that $2 million will come back to the district in aid from the state.

Eliminating the $2 million in construction spending, the increase is about $300,000 and about half of one percent higher than the previous school year.

The tax levy increase is 2.5%.

The budget requires the loss of 18 jobs. Some will be positions left unfilled after retirements.