Fulton School Budget Passes; Board Seat Vote to be Recounted

Fulton voters approved a new school district budget, but the vote for a seat on the Board of Education is close enough that the district will undertake a recount Wednesday morning.

The budget was approved 623 – 573, a margin of about 52.1% to 47.9%.

Residents voted at one of the district’s four elementary schools.  Only those voting at Fairgrieve Elementary had more no votes than yes votes.

A wide-open contest for four open seats on the Board of Education produced a very close vote for the fourth seat.

The unofficial votes:

  • David Cordone: 830 votes;
  • Barbara Hubbard: 785;
  • Fred Cavalier: 612;
  • David Carvey: 575;
  • Teri Loetterle: 570;
  • Christina Plath: 472;
  • Sandy Rogers: 416.

The closeness of the vote between Carvey and Loetterle is the reason for the recount.

Three members of the current board opted not to run for reelection.  A fourth resigned mid-term because of what was said to have been a personal issue.

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