Fulton School District Unveils New Mission, Vision

FULTON – As part of its ongoing strategic planning process, the Fulton City School District recently announced new mission and vision statements.

Centered on coherence, Fulton City School District Executive Director of Instruction and Assessment Elizabeth Conners said the two statements have aimed to reinforce the district’s commitment to supporting students through their educational pathway while recognizing the need to continuously assess related foundations.

The district’s new mission will be: “The Fulton school community will empower students to develop the knowledge and skills to become respectful, responsible, productive citizens who are committed to lifelong learning.”

The new vision will be: “Our vision is to create a learning organization that is the centerpiece of the community, where all are welcomed and held to standards of excellence that foster hope and resilience for the future.”

Both statements were officially approved at a recent board of education meeting.

Board president Robbin Griffin said she and fellow board members were ecstatic with the overall involvement of various stakeholder groups inside Fulton schools and the community throughout the Strategic Coherence Planning process thus far. Coming up with a new mission and vision, she said, has been a thoughtful process.

“They are more than just words on paper; they are words we intended to live as a district,” she said.

Together, Griffin said, the cross-section of community members and school personnel have helped bring forward a catalyst of change for the district as it has embarked on a five-year Strategic Coherence Plan process.

The comprehensive plan is scheduled to be unveiled after the New Year.