Fulton Schools Closing In On New Mascot And Logo

The "Block F" logo for Fulton city schools, which is, for the moment, the only official logo for the district and its athletic teams.
The "Block F" logo for Fulton city schools, which is, for the moment, the only official logo for the district and its athletic teams.

The Fulton school district’s making quiet progress towards a new mascot and symbol for the school and its sports teams.

Superintendent of Schools Bill Lynch told members of the Board of Education recently that some high school marketing classes have been working on a new identity for the district. “We’re at the infant stage of what it would look like,” he said. Lynch said some of the classes’ ideas are likely to come to the board in November.

The district stopped using its longtime nickname, “The Red Raiders”, and became just “The Raiders” after a 2003 push by the state Education Department to pressure school districts with Native American-related nicknames to change them. The district dropped the use of the Indian head logo at that time as well. Many, but not all, school districts with Native American-related names made changes.

Lynch said recently that he attended meetings with local Native American tribal leaders to talk about the Red Raider nickname. “The tribes were offended,” by the name, he said.

Years later, the Red Raider name is still in use in the community and even by the district. The district’s website’s athletics home page has the masthead “Red Raider Athletics”.

Board member Robbin Griffin noted that research into district archives showed that the Indian head logo was never the official icon or mascot of the district. “It just showed up as vendors (of school-related clothing) offered it as a choice.”

The only icon officially linked to the district is the red block “F” that the district is generally using now, she said.

Board member Dan Pawlewicz said there’s a lot of talk in the community about what the new mascot will be. He suggested the district survey the community. Griffin noted that people also need to know what the mascot and logo cannot be. Lynch said suggestions are always welcome.


  1. this is sad that we are changing the logo and name of the Futlon High School. It was in honor of the Native Americans that help create Fulton.

  2. We have to be politically correct. I don’t care what the mascot is, it’s gonna tick somebody off… I’m just happy we’re not naming a University after Fulton.

  3. I think the state department of education should think of what the implications of the big red F are rather than being concerned about offending a few “native” Americans. But then again, we live in a democracy – rule by the minority (or at least those who complain the most).

  4. as a Fulton grad and high school basketball player I am proud that the school board and community have changed the logo and mascot for the schools’ sports team. it was long overdue. they were racist and demeaning

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