Fulton Schools Considering a New Building Project

The Fulton City School District may ask voters later this year to approve one more construction project to deal with important issues that fell out of two other construction projects.

The project would upgrade the technology infrastructure at Volney and Fairgrieve elementary schools and would replace some of the roofs at Volney Elementary and G. Ray Bodley High School.

The initial estimate of the cost of the project is about $8.1 million.  The amount fits under the school district’s legal debt limit, according to Superintendent of Schools Bill Lynch.  He said the project would qualify for a significant amount of state aid.

The upgrades for technology would bring the two schools up to the level of the rest of the district’s buildings, said Kerry Tarolli of King + King Architects of Syracuse. The district, she said, “will eventually run out of time on a two-level (technology) system.”

Tarolli, a 1998 graduate of Fulton schools, noted that the district is fighting the clock to upgrade its technology systems.  By the 2014-2015 school year, state testing will take place online.

The technology work would also remove some asbestos from Fairgrieve.

The roof repairs had been in previous construction projects, but were lower-priority items and were removed as other items required more money.

In order for work to begin in the summer of 2014, board members will be asked to approve the project by mid-October, with voters deciding in December.