Fulton Schools Considers Extending Energy-Savings Contract

A ten year energy-savings contract has produced some big savings for the Fulton City School District.

The company that the district hired to improve its energy efficiency told the Board of Education recently that their work, now in the 9th year of the 10 year agreement, has produced $2.6 million in savings on energy costs over that period. That’s $257,000 more than the company promised to save when the agreement was signed 9 years ago.

“That’s sensational news,” said board member Rosemary Occhino.

The amount of energy saves, the company said, was equivalent to taking the greenhouse gas emissions out of 427 cars a year, or taking the carbon dioxide out of 5192 barrels of oil a year or the electricity use of 290 homes a year.

The district did not have to put up any money under the contract. The project was funded entirely with savings from improvements.

Steve Hayslip of Siemens, the company that handled the project, told the board that there was an opportunity to strike a new deal. He said that new energy-saving technology would lower the district’s energy costs even further. The company performed an audit of each building in the district, he said, and “at a glance, every building has an opportunity to save.”

Siemens would guarantee the district a savings of $185,000 a year over the 9 year life of the agreement and would make up any shortfalls. Taken together, the two contracts would produce a savings of $3.3 million, the company said.

“It is attractive to want to do this,” said Superintendent of Schools Bill Lynch.

“It’s always nice when they can guarantee something and we can save,” said board member Dan Pawlewicz.