Fulton Schools Construction Project Moving On Schedule

The outside view of the new wing construction at G. Ray Bodley High School. Photos provided by Jerry Seguin, Fulton City School District.
The outside view of the new wing construction at G. Ray Bodley High School. Photos provided by Jerry Seguin, Fulton City School District.

The Fulton School District’s big construction project is making steady progress.

Voters approved in 2007 a district-wide renovation plan.  Work began last spring on four main areas: G. Ray Bodley High School, Lanigan Elementary School, the Education Center and the athletic complex.  Work on the athletic complex is shut down for the winter.

At the high school, said Jerry Seguin, the district official who is the point person on the project, the new main entrance is completed and demolition work needed to frame the entrance is about to begin.  Workers are working on the classroom addition.  And the new technology room is 90% complete, he said.  The new team room has its lockers in place, and tile is being grouted into permanent place.

At Lanigan, where a wing of the school has been closed all year, work still appears on schedule to reopen the wing after the Presidents’ Day holiday.  Tile flooring and new lighting have been installed in the intermediate wing.  Work on the new media center is underway and classrooms are, he said, “substantially complete.”  Superintendent of Schools Bill Lynch noted that the timeline is tight to reopen the closed wing after Presidents’ Day because time has to be built in to give the new wing a thorough cleaning.  “Time to clean is crucial,” Lynch said. “We keep getting signals that we’re on target.”

At the Education Center, which is the district office and the home of some programs for students with disabilities, a new elevator is being built.  There was a long wait for National Grid crews to come to install new electrical capacity.  That happened on Dec. 28 and “went smoothly,” Seguin said.  He believes the elevator will be installed and working in February.

As for outside work that will resume when the snow melts away, Seguin said that the contractors “are pretty much ready to rock and roll.”

The work on the football field and track has suffered several delays because the discovery of asbestos at the field.  The district hinted recently that it is considering action against the contractor that the district believes should have found the asbestos before construction began.

Next week, the district and its construction companies will begin the work of planning the new additions to the construction project, which voters approved in December in a special vote.  The work was originally planned for the current project, but had to be dropped because of costs.  Lynch said the district will need approval from the state Education Department, but since much of the work was in the original project, the district is optimistic it will be approved.