Fulton Schools Could Host Flu Clinic For Students

A young boy receives flu vaccine in mist form.
A young boy receives flu vaccine in mist form.

The Fulton school district is offering to host a clinic to get an H1N1 flu vaccine to its students.

Superintendent Bill Lynch told the Board of Education Tuesday night that the county has asked schools if they would be willing to hold clinics to provide nasal mist vaccine to students. The district is willing to do so.

A letter from the county’s Public Health Director, Dr. Dennis Norfleet, to school officials said that the county is making final preparations for school-based clinics and that shipments of nasal mist vaccine are expected soon.

Lynch said he thought a clinic could be held before Thanksgiving

The district needs only to provide space for the clinic and some tables and chairs. The county will supply nurses and administrative staff.

The clinic would be for students only, and only for those with signed forms in hand.

“While it would create some logistical issues, I think we’re up for it,” Lynch said.

He noted that there is also discussion at the county level of asking schools to open their buildings at night or on a weekend for a flu clinic for the community, but nothing has been firmed up there.

Local schools have been hit hard by flu early in the school year, with school absence rates hitting 20% or more on some days.

The H1N1 flu strain strikes teens and seniors hardest, officials say.