Fulton Schools Extend Energy Savings Program

The Fulton City School District is on track to extend its energy-savings deal with Siemens, to save another $3 million on energy costs over the next 18 years.

Siemens is just wrapping up a project that covered 10 years and saved $2.6 million.  The company is paid from the money it saves the district and guarantees the savings.

Siemens officials said that this second project will use new ideas to save more money while drilling down to find smaller pockets of savings not done in the first project.

“Our goal is to identify those things that will pay for themselves,” Siemens’ Steve Hayslip told the Board of Education recently.

On the list of energy-saving improvements:

  • Switching outdoor lights to LEDs or to induction lighting;
  • A computer-based power management system;
  • Kitchen improvements in exhaust systems and walk-in freezer controls;
  • Vending machine controls that reduce power when people are not near the machines;
  • Replacing older motors with high-efficiency motors;
  • Replacing some boilers at G. Ray Bodley High School;
  • Variable speed pumps that use as little power as needed;
  • Sealing cracks and insulating soffets;
  • A better cover for the pool at Granby Elementary School;
  • A 25 kilowatt solar power generator at the high school.

“It’s getting harder to find savings on a lot of things,” said Hayslip, because of the work done on the first project.

The Board of Education approved the project.  Hayslip said the next step is to get State Education Department approval for the work, which could take up to four months once the plan is submitted in December.

Work on the new project could begin next summer and be completed early in 2011.