Fulton Schools’ Revised Policy Bans Many Students From Parties With Alcohol

Fulton high school students who play a sport or act in a play will be barred from attending parties where alcohol is served illegally, under revisions to a policy that are moving towards approval.

Members of the Fulton Board of Education reviewed Tuesday the proposed changes to the district’s policy covering students who take part in extracurricular activities.

The policy currently says students cannot drink or take drugs.  To be added is language that makes it a violation of school policy for a student to be “in the presence” of alcohol being served to minors or of illegal drugs.

The change, and others, are intended to “eliminate perennial inconsistencies” in the district’s policies, said Superintendent of Schools Bill Lynch.

Among the other proposed changes:

  • Summer school will be able to be used as a factor in deciding whether a student is academically eligible for extracurricular activities in the first semester of the new school year;
  • Parents and guardians must be notified of changes to a student’s status for extracurricular activities;
  • Students must show academic improvement when they have been found in need of improvement.  The current policy only requires them to take actions to improve;
  • Improvement is defined, and includes specific items such as turning in missed assignments and showing up for school on time;
  • Students may be allowed to continue to practice with a team if they’ve been suspended from playing in games.  Lynch indicated students can be put at physical risk if they stop all physical activity and then return to action after the suspension ends.

The revised policy is at least a month away from final adoption.


  1. Not that students should be at those parties but it seems that what goes on off school grounds is none of their business. It is not their job – it’s the parents. I’m not sure why, but every time the police break up a underage party the 1st call made by the press is to the schools. Why? They should be calling the parents to find out what THEY, not the school, are doing about it.

  2. Hey Don’t you know by now the parents are part of the me generation also–their kids do no wrong same as they did no wrong—its the way kids are raised or not raised today, one reason so many are still spongeing off Mommy and Daddy and 25 and 30–No don’t tell me there aren’t any jobs, I know one woman that works 3 different jobs but she has ambition and she located 2 of them in the past month.Kids just don’t think they should work for minimum rate, think they are supposed to get 20 bucks an hour to start.
    I think alot of it has to do with the fact that growing up kids do not have to do any chores or help around the house anymore, when I grew up, I had a list of things to get done after school each day after I finished my homework and then I could worry about playing.

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