Fulton Schools Sets Community Meeting On Budget

The Fulton City School District will hold a community meeting on its proposed 2010-11 budget April 5 at 6:30 p.m. at Fulton Junior High School.

The district’s most recent draft of its budget shows a $60.8 million spending plan that increases real spending 0.6% (see note below) and requires a 3.8% increase in the tax levy.  18 jobs would be lost.

District officials, working with a committee of managers, Board of Education members, and taxpayers, have been steadily reducing the budget and its tax levy increase by making cuts in jobs and academic programs.

Fulton is taking a $1.7 million cut from the $28 million it received last year in state education aid.  Gov. Pataki cut aid to schools by about 5% across the board, a cut that punished hardest districts that have the least property wealth.  Fulton receives more than 60% of its revenues from various types of state aid.

The Board of Education will hold a public hearing on the budget at mid-month and then adopt the budget. Taxpayers will vote on the budget May 18, on the statewide school budget voting day.

Superintendent of Schools Bill Lynch has described the budget as “grim”.

[Note: About $2 million of the $60.8 million spending plan is for the district’s various construction projects.  That money will be reimbursed by the state. The figure of a 0.6% increase in real spending is with the construction spending and reimbursement factored out.  Factoring in the $2 million in construction spending produces a spending increase of 4.1% though no local dollars will be spent on the construction.]