Fulton Sells Landlocked Parcel to Neighbor, Former Mayor

The city of Fulton has sold a landlocked chunk of property to the property’s neighbor, former Mayor Daryl Hayden and his wife.

The 1.4 acre piece of land, shaped like a small triangle attached to the corner of a large triangle, is adjacent to land Hayden owns in the 6th Ward, off White Ave.

Mayor Ron Woodward said the land had no value to the city and was a potential liability.

The land is part of what used to be called Trashburner Hill, for the garbage incinerator that was there decades ago.

Councilor Larry Macner, who lives across the road, said that the Haydens had cleaned up their property after buying it from people who had used it for logging.

The land was sold for $1,000. Councilors approved the sale 6-0.

Hayden became a member of the Fulton Common Council after leaving the Mayor’s office.  He left the Council at the end of 2011.

Woodward said the sale was the first part of a new effort. “I made a commitment this year to try to eliminate most of the vacant properties owned by the city.”

Woodward had pursued a strategy of fixing up homes seized by the city for unpaid taxes.  Homes that had been turned into multi-family apartments were converted back to single-family homes and sold at market rates.  He said the program had turned a small profit but had accomplished the goal of putting families back into those homes.

He believed that this strategy was preferable to selling the homes at a tax auction, often to absentee landlords.

Woodward said the city has offered properties in one ward for $1 and has gotten no takers.

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  1. Pretty bad when even the slum loards don’t want property in Fulton. How much worse does the quality of life have to get before the Fulton mayor and city council get serious and take some positive action?

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