Fulton Speed Limit Has Gone Up, Will Go Back Down

A longtime quirk in the speed limit on a major Fulton city street has been replaced by another quirk, and will soon be changed again, if city leaders get their way.

Mayor Ron Woodward said he was surprised to learn that the state Department of Transportation recently raised the speed limit on Route 481 north of the Oneida St. intersection to 45 miles an hour.

The speed limit had been 30 miles an hour from Oneida St. to Shaw St., where it increased to 45 miles an hour.

Woodward called the change “inadvertent”, and a quirk of the state agency’s old documents on that stretch of highway.

He said the police department told the Department of Transportation that the city intends to reverse that change and extend the 30 mile an hour zone all the way to VanBuren St. at the city line.

The state will have to sign off on the change, he said.


  1. 30 miles an hour all the way to the city line?! Just another way to set up ticket-traps inside the boat launch parking area while leaving town. I agree that 45MPH is a bit high considering MiMi’s and the County building being right in that area however an even 35MPH limit would suffice and be better than running at a snails-pace all the way out of town; particularly since it’s been 45MPH as you arrive at the used-car dealership. 40MPH would be fine in this area taking into account the weird intersection one encounters just before the transition to 55MPH. 30MPH all the way to that point?! C’MON, GET REALISTIC HERE!!!

  2. to Robboy if you are from this area than you know the idea of changing the speed limit in this area is a terrible idea. If you can honestly say you have NEVER tried to get into and/or out of the businesses and/or county building and had an easy time doing it when it was a 30 mile per hour zone you are full of it. This change that the D.O.T. has put upon this city is not only irresponsible but unjustified and ridiculous. This stretch of highway has been one of the most traitorous areas within the City of Fulton.
    As it is people drive through this section traveling at speeds of 40 mph+ and i know this because i have been a delivery driver in this city for multiple years and my mother works at the county building. I have not only heard of but also witnessed vicious car accidents within this stretch of highway over the past 15 years or so. The fact that the State of New York would put not only the citizens of this city but of surrounding communities into jeopardy is ludicrous. Especially when they are able to control damn near every other move that we make.
    I know for a fact that i am not the only person to stand up and fight against this change. If you doubt me please re-read the article above, because if the mayor and other city officials agree with me than i must be making a point that many people agree with.

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