Fulton Speedway Officials Hope Fans Turn Out to Fight Volney Noise Ordinance Plan

Fulton Speedway officials have been organizing to fight a proposed noise ordinance for the Town of Volney.  They hope dozens of racing fans show up for tonight’s 5:00 p.m. public hearing on the proposal.

Speedway officials warn that the noise ordinance could force them out of business.

The ordinance, according to the speedway, would limit races to Saturdays only during June, July and August and would force races to end by 11:00 p.m.

Fulton Speedway has for many years offered the Victoria 200 race in October and occasional special events on Sundays or weeknights.

The speedway calls the limits “unreasonable and unsustainable.”


  1. This stinks.The track has been there longer then most people have lived there.They knew the track was there and should not have bought houses around there.I think it’s more the town of Voleny that wants to get rid of the track and not the families that live around it.Another case of a few people getting their shorts in a twist and want to try to run a business out of town.Any of the town big shots that might vote for this should be run out of town.Long live the speedway

  2. Oh yes, lets put another employer out of business! I agree with Don, I was going to the track when Benway owned it. I went to the drag races when they were ran. Well if it goes out of business we can always get a chocolate factory or a vegetable processing plant to buy the property!

  3. To say that the noise is different now that the Wights own it then when Harvey owned it is crap. The race cars and classes are still the same minus the Street stocks. Long live Fulton Speedway and thank you for many years of good racing and great people. Laurie Mortimer!

  4. I agree with both of you. The race track has been there for about 50 years and way before most or any of the people complaining about the noise. It is usually only 1 day a week and look at the revenue it brings to the area where other company’s / industries have closed there doors!! The morning news said Volney will not act on this right now and have put it on the back burner. That is where it should be and STAY THERE!!

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