Fulton Speedway SUNY Canton Sportsman Driver Tim Schneider Jr. Technical Violation And Penalty Notice

FULTON, NY – After the September 1 SUNY Canton Sportsman feature at the Fulton Speedway, Tim Schneider Jr. engine was taken for inspection.

After inspection the results are as follows.

(Technical Violation and Penalty Notice) Dated: September 7, 2012

Competitor: Tim Schneider, Jr.

Event: September 1, 2012 Fulton Speedway Sportsman Feature

Violation: Tampering with the GM seal bolts on #88958602/19258602 GM Crate Engine as prohibited by Fulton Speedway. The Fulton Speedway Sportsman class follows the 2012 DIRTcar Sportsman for crate engines as listed under section 15.1 in the DIRTcar rules. They read as follows:

a) The General Motors (GM) Engine part number #88958602/19258602 is the only engine permitted in all DIRTcar Sportsman Modified events.

b) The engine and all components must remain in their original configuration and form as purchased and/or delivered from the factory. Any alterations to the engine will not be permitted. The Engine must remain as manufactured by General Motors with a stock 4”-inch bore. Overbore(s) will not be permitted. Sleeve repair may be permitted with written permission from DIRTcar and/or World Racing Group Officials.

c) All engines are to remain sealed from the factory. The original factory seals must remain unaltered, Tampering, removal, modifications of any type and/or broken factory seals will not be permitted. The GM Engine must remain unaltered in any way.

d) The GM Crate Engine seals (bolt-type) must remain unaltered. DIRTcar and/or World Racing Group Officials may require specific sealing and verification of all seals on any GM Crate Engine. Tampering with and/or alteration of any seals will not be permitted and is subject to immediate penalty and/or suspension.


a) The driver loses all money and points earned for the September 1 racing event.

b) The driver loses all points accumulated for the 2012 Fulton Speedway racing season.

c) The driver is suspended from competing in a sportsman event at Fulton and/or Brewerton Speedway until September 1, 2013.