Fulton Superintendant Responds To Student Death

Image says Fulton City School District
Image from Fulton City School District.

FULTON – Following the death of a student, Fulton City School District Superintendant Brian Pulvino addressed the school community in a post on the school’s website.

The letter to the community did not give details of the student. The message is as follows:

“The Fulton City School District community has recently experienced a tragedy which has deeply affected us. We are heartbroken over the death of one of our students. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the student’s family, friends and our school community.

Our crisis response team is providing grief counseling for students and staff today and will also be available at the junior high on Saturday February 29th from 10 a.m. to noon. Supports will continue to be in place as long as our students, staff, and community need them.

We have included a reference sheet containing some possible reactions you may observe in your child as they deal with their grief.

Thank you for your support as we come together as a community to grieve. Please feel free to call 315.593.5511 if you have any concerns or questions regarding your child, or the steps being taken by the school to address this loss.”



  1. A sad day for sure. Condolences to the family and friends of this young person. Hats off to the school district for their handling and support for staff, students and community. Make sure you inform those you know they are loved every chance you can. Things change in an instance. A terrible event that will be with these other young people the rest of their lives.

  2. well it proberly wont happen if the schools act when they are told I know I had a child in a school and she told people about the bulling and they anly punish her and not the suspects so she started acting out real bad and now she is a child of confusesion step and do more no matter what school in I really feel sorry for the child family u are in our prayers

  3. I am a grandparent of a child entering Jr. High next Sepr. I have seen and experienced bullying first hand with my children and grandchildren. I’m sorry but I dont believe the school system is doing enough to stop it. Granted the laws are not m as de so that police can intervene unless an assault occurs but the schools dont make the parents awRe of the bullying till 2 or three steps down on the schools present policies. Call these parents into the school at the start. Let them know that their child is on a 1st and final warning, not 3ed! Tell the parents that you will advise the parents of the student being bullied that they do have legal options. They do and you know it! They can petition TY in family court if this is a constant and dangerous situation! Help change the laws instead of sitting on your hind ends while another tragedy may occur!

  4. Thoughts and prayers to the parents and family that lost their loved one!!!

    Well maybe if the school step up and act towards the bullies Parents wouldn’t have to go threw this! I was bullied all my life and the schools did nothing about, these kids cry out for help when they are being bullied and the teachers and principal does nothing not even a punishment for the bully! This why the young generation commits Suicide or harm other people.. So my Question is what is the schools going to do or change about bullies???

  5. My condolences to the family, and friends. Sadly most kids are afraid to come forward with bullying and let someone know. It starts at home. If you say “my kid would never bully” you might be part of the problem. There should be immediate consequences when a child comes forward. Immediate response and parents should be informed in both sides. Such a sad time in our world that a young 8th grader thought this was the only way out. Let that sink in. My heart breaks for this young soul.

  6. did this really happen or not one day it’s reported the next day it’s reported that it didn’t happen now there reporting again that it did smh people need to get on the same page and report it right. how many more times does this family have to be reminded of this horrible ordeal come on people get on the same page.

  7. I am so very sorry for this student’s family but most of all for this child. It takes a community to raise a child! Why did no one see the signs???? Bulling is a real problem with the FULTON school system. It is not only the other students but some of the teachers as well. There are so many issues in regards to the bullying situation at Fulton. I think it is about time that the community needs to step up and do the right things for our children . I am heartbroken over the loss of this child and what they had endured . We need to stop the bulling now!!!!!!!!!

  8. My deepest sympathy to the family of this student. I have worked in the past in the Fulton City School District and witnessed bullying amoung students and I myself was the subject of bullying by an administrator which led to my resigination. This problem is not only in Fulton but in many school districts nationwide just look at the news.Parents as well as teachers need to be aware of this growing concern amoung students of all grades.

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