Fulton Water Passes First Test

Fulton’s water quality survived the first of two days of tests. By Wednesday afternoon, the city may be able to lift the boil water order that has affected people and businesses across the city.

Fulton’s Mayor’s office reports that results arrived late Tuesday afternoon from water samples taken separately by the city and the state Health Department.

A state-certified lab has to perform the tests.  The Mayor’s office reported that the water samples came back with no problems identified.

The water must pass two consecutive days of tests before the boil water order can be lifted.

Water samples were taken today and results are expected back before the close of business on Wednesday.

In the meantime, officials advise people to continue to boil any water used for drinking, cooking, and brushing teeth.  Boil the water for one full minute.

Fulton’s water quality took a hit over the weekend when one of the city’s main water wells collapsed, putting dirt into the water.  Officials say the dirt is not harmful by itself, but it can attract and hold bacteria that can pose health problems.