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September 21, 2018

Oswego & Fulton Weather Notebook Feb. 14, 2011

Weather Notebook For February 14, 2011

According to Fulton’s weather observer, the city received no rain on Feb. 13. But it is headed this way, followed by colder temperatures and a bit more snow.

Beth Clark shares "the prettiest lighthouse photo I've taken."

Beth Clark shares "the prettiest lighthouse photo I've taken."

That leaves the monthly total at 0.14-inch and the annual total 0.35-inch.

There was 0.6-inch of snowfall recorded on Feb. 13.

For the month, the total stands at 32.4 inches and for the winter season it is 192.5 inches.

The Oswego weather observer reports 0.01-inch for rainfall on Feb. 13.

It pushes the monthly total to 2.19 inches and the annual total to 5.93 inches.

The Port City received 0.3-inch of snowfall on Feb. 13.

That makes the monthly total 36.9 inches and the winter season now stands at 156.6 inches – which means it has cracked the top 20 list of snowiest Oswego winters.

The winter of 1991 – 92 (156.5 inches) has fallen to No. 21.

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