Fulton Will Charge To Remove TVs, Monitors & Microwaves

It’s going to cost you to put some electronic devices to the curb in Fulton from now on. The only question is whether it will cost you a little or a lot.

Oswego County began charging a $5 fee to drop off old TVs, computer monitors and microwave ovens at its transfer stations. The county cited the cost of dealing with lead, cadmium and mercury in the devices as the reason for the new fee.

Tuesday, Fulton’s Common Council approved a set of fees to cover the cost of picking up TVs, monitors and microwaves as part of the city’s trash and garbage pickup.

It will cost $7 per item to have the city take away those items, but only if the homeowner calls the City Clerk’s office in advance to get on the list for pickup of special items. “But if you just stick it out there and it’s not on the schedule,” said Mayor Ron Woodward, the homeowner will be charged $15 per item.

The charge will appear on the homeowner’s quarterly water, sewer and garbage bill.

City Aldermen also approved other fees for the year ahead.

Homeowners who buy ground-up blacktop from the city will pay a little more. For city residents, a 6-wheeled truckload of milled blacktop will cost $45 and a 10-wheeled truckload will cost $90. Non-residents will pay $60 and $120, respectively. When the city repaves a road, it usually removes the old blacktop first. That blacktop is ground up and is often used for driveways. The city always sells out of its blacktop, said Woodward.

Haulers who buy water from the city to fill swimming pools will pay $6 per 1,000 gallons this year, up a dollar.

In other items:

  • The city will spend $7,932 on new bulletproof vests for city police officers. The city will get all of the money back — half from a federal grant and the other half from the police officers;
  • Lawmakers agreed to advertise for bids on various parts of the city to receive hydroseeding treatment, usually to repair snowplow damage to private yards;
  • The Common Council also advertised for bids on topsoil, and gasoline and diesel fuel;
  • Aldermen awarded a bid for tree stump removal to Mid-State Tree Removal Service. They tabled awarding a bid for tree pruning and removal to Bartlett Tree Experts after a representative from Mid-State complained that Bartlett’s bid did not meet standards. Mayor Ron Woodward said the city’s lawyer had reviewed the complaint and said the bid could be awarded to Bartlett, but Aldermen said they wanted to resolve an issue over insurance first;
  • Businesswoman Linda Thomas-Caster urged the city to back Fulton Pride Day, set for May 1. She said businesses would help clean up the city and plant flowers at highway entrances to the city. Public Works Commissioner Dan O’Brien urged the businesspeople to water the plants throughout the year because he can’t guarantee city workers will have the time to do it consistently. Caster said the Chamber of Commerce is taking part in the event.


  1. I do have some appliances that I would like to drop off at a transfer station. Can anyone give an address of a station in or near Fulton?

  2. Angie: You can take your appliances to the county transfer station on Route 3 in Volney.

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