Fulton Wrestlers continue tradition, the Great Turkey Race

The Great Turkey run has always been a Fulton Wrestling Thanksgiving day tradition.

I suspect it was their coaches’ way of making sure the boys pre-worked off a little of their turkey dinners!

Starting this year, that run will mean so much more!

Our wrestlers wanted a way to incorporate a more productive and meaningful purpose for this run.

Since the Fulto

JV and Varsity wrestlers who will be running for a new cause.
JV and Varsity wrestlers who will be running for a new cause.

n community has always shown their tremendous love and support for these kids, the wrestlers wanted to give back to their community by paying it forward!

Thanksgiving morning, as the boys do the traditional three-mile run around the town, the wrestling parents will be collecting donated turkeys.

These turkeys will go to our local food pantry for use in their Christmas baskets and emergency food support programs.

The wrestlers feel this is one small way they can give back to all of their
hard-working Fulton supporters who may be struggling to provide a joyful holiday for their families.

If you would like to support the efforts of these great kids you can donate a frozen turkey to the cause.

We will be at the Price Chopper in Fulton between 9-10 a.m. Thanksgiving day.

Thank you.