Fulton YMCA Offers Aqua Zumba Class

The Fulton YMCA is delighted to welcome Bev Aubin to their group exercise staff. Bev will be teaching an Aqua Zumba Class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm beginning Tuesday, March 15th.

The Fulton YMCA welcomes you to come and jump in the pool to dance away the calories during Aqua Zumba. This hour-long, group-fitness class follows the traditional Zumba® format of Latin moves done to upbeat, shimmy-inducing tunes. Thanks to the resistance of the water, every salsa, merenge, and reggaeton step takes a bit more effort (which helps work your muscles even harder!) The dance combinations are slightly slower than the ones you do in a typical Zumba® class, but the energy is just as high: Participants clap and wave their arms to the beat, and there are plenty of high-spirited cheers. If you love the original Zumba class—or if you couldn’t take one because of an injury or joint problems—the water workout is a fun, low-impact way to get in on the dance party.

Please contact the Fulton YMCA for more information. (315) 598-9622