Fulton YMCA Welcomes Heather Hudson As New Y-Dance Instructor

FULTON, NY – Heather Hudson, a local resident and dance instructor, joins the Fulton YMCA and will offer to our local community Y-Dance.

Heather has a significant dance background and promises to provide our local youth with a quality dance program that will offer a great learning experience all while having fun.

The class options being offered are as follows:

Heather Hudson
Heather Hudson

Mommy or Daddy and Me Dance – for ages 2-3 – with mommy or Daddy close by, students will learn the basics of dance and movement.  This class will help children with their coordination, recognizing music and rhythms, counting and timing, and self-confidence.

Pre-School Dance – for ages 3-4 – In this class, students will start learning basic ballet movements and positions. This class may eventually also include tap basics, but not until later in the session.

Dance Elements – for ages 5-6 – This class will consist of ballet, jazz and tap. Students will continue building on their ballet and tap skills, with the introduction to jazz. Each discipline will be about 20 minutes, starting with tap. Stretching, bar work, turns and basic jazz moves will be introduced and students will be encouraged to dance to the beat of the music.

Intermediate Dance – for ages 7-8 – Students are encouraged to focus on their dance technique. Each discipline will be about 20 minutes, starting with tap.

The cost is as follows: the half hour classes for family members is $50 and non-members $70; for the one hour classes – members $75 and non-members $95.

Registration opens for each session for family members – two weeks before each session starts and non-members – one week before the session.

Both members and non-members can sign up now due to it being a brand new program.

Please note that space is limited for each class; there is a minimum of five and a maximum of 12 participants per class.

We also want to offer an Advanced Dance – for ages 9-11 – but are looking to see if there is an interest for this class.

Please let us know if this is a class that may interest your child.

For more information regarding this program or any other Y program, please contact the Fulton YMCA at 315-598-9622.

You can also friend us on facebook to keep up with what is going on.