Fulton’s Big Snowstorm Brings Big Snow Moving Problems

When you get four feet of snow in a few days, you also get a problem:  Where to put it all?

“There’ve been quite a lot of problems,” Fulton Mayor Ron Woodward said this week.  They’re the usual problems and they continue to defy easy solutions.

“People plow their snow into the road or blow it into the road” with a snow blower, Woodward said. “That’s very dangerous to do.”

Woodward said he ran into the problem recently, when someone plowed out their driveway and left the snow in the middle of an intersection. “That’s pretty blatant,” he said.

He said city police will begin ticketing homeowners responsible for pushing large amounts of snow into the road.

City resident John Hansen, who ran for Common Council last year, listed the other sins of heavy snow for Council members earlier this week.

“Nothing irks me more,” he said, than people driving around with their cars not cleaned off.

And if people don’t clean their sidewalks, he asked, why doesn’t Fulton do what Syracuse does — have public works crews clear the sidewalk and add the cost to the homeowner’s tax bill?

Because the city has many miles of roads, most with sidewalks on both sides of the street, Woodward said.

“There’s no sense in having a law if you can’t afford it,” Woodward said, asking people to use common sense and get their sidewalks open and to help older or disabled neighbors to shovel theirs as well.

The city does have a law mandating that sidewalks be shoveled, Woodward noted, but said in heavy storms, people would be required to shovel five times a day just to comply with the law.

Council member Kim Roy also urged homeowners to shovel out any fire hydrants that may be on their properties.

Alderman Tom Kenyon praised the work of the city’s public works crews during the recent snowstorm.  He said two snowplows broke down, leaving them with just three plows to use on Sunday, as the storm was reaching its peak.  “They stayed with it,” he said, “and I appreciate it.”