Fulton’s Mayor Not Too Worried About State Aid Cut

The city of Fulton will likely suffer a cut in its aid from the state, but Mayor Ron Woodward is actually relieved.

“I thought it would be a lot worse than that,” he said of the $33,000 cut in the city’s aid.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed budget cut aid to local governments by 2% across the board.

The new cut is on top of the $108,000 in aid the city lost in last year’s round of cutbacks from then-Governor David Paterson.

Woodward said he was impressed with Cuomo’s budget address Tuesday, “and I’ll tell ya what, you don’t mind (losing aid) as long as you make everybody share in it and it looks like he’s trying to do that. I have a lot of hope in this guy.”

Woodward is hopeful that the state will help cities cover the shortfall when it releases its plan for ending some state mandates that force cities to pay for state-ordered programs and services. He notes that Cuomo’s Lieutenant Governor, Robert Duffy, was Mayor of Rochester when he was picked to run with Cuomo.

Besides, the Mayor said he has a larger budget problem. The city just received notice from the state that it has reassessed some of the utility properties in the city, including the hydropower stations. “They lowered their assessments on by hydros by $6 million. That’ll cost us $94,000. And they lowered (assessments) for some other utilities, like National Grid.”

“The long and short of it is,” Woodward said, with sarcasm, “is that the utility companies didn’t make any money.”

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  1. If the mayor would combine the code inforcement office with the fire department that would save tax dollars, but no lets continue to have the HIGHEST TAX RATE UPSTATE NEW YORK!!!!!!

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