Fulton’s New Stadium to Get Extra Set of Stairs

The new football stadium at Fulton’s G. Ray Bodley High School will undergo one more modification:  stairs to get into the bleachers.

When the stadium was renovated, one of the changes involved replacing the sets of stairs with ramps for handicapped access.

The long ramps now run from the edges of each side of the bleachers to the center of the bleachers.

The stairs are gone.

There has since been a concern expressed that if the bleachers had to be evacuated, everyone would have to funnel through the single route of access to the ramps.

Tuesday night, Fulton’s Board of Education approved a $20,988 change to its district-wide reconstruction plan to build two sets of stairs.

The stairs on the south side of the bleachers (the side facing the Junior High School) will run alongside the bleachers.  The stairs on the north side (the side facing the High School) will jut out from the bleachers at a slight angle.

The district official in charge of construction, Jerry Seguin, explained that the north side stairs have to extend from the bleachers because if they ran alongside the bleachers, they would run smack into the concession stand.

Seguin said the north side stairs will obstruct the view of workers at the concession stand, but this was the best option available to provide stair access to the bleachers.